Remember the hit Bihari song ‘Ispiderman’? Yes, the same song that has existed for years, and yet, no one ever has been able to quite get over how ridiculous it is. Well, if you thought that was funny, you’re in for a treat.

Popular Facebook page ‘Humans Of Jhasra’ posted this song by N.I Raj a few days ago, and it’s probably the best rap that I’ve heard in the last few years. If there are any rap gods in the world, then it is either Eminem, or it is this man.

In this amazing song, the singer can be seen roaming the roads in scorching heat in a super shiny leather jacket, wondering why his ‘babey’ is ‘krazay’. From the flowered wallpaper behind him while he is recording the song, to the 9 supporting men in the background, the guy is simply confused as to how he can tell the girl that he ‘very very love you’. From English, to Hindi, to Punjabi, he uses every language he knows to tell everyone about his love. And you should completely ignore the fact that the lyrical part has simply been pasted over a random soundtrack and both have no synchronisation whatsoever. Honestly, I think it’s the latest music trend.

Don’t make me give you any more spoilers, just hear the song already.

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Posted by Humans of Jharsa on Sunday, May 29, 2016

Good luck sleeping tonight!