Once a distant dream, affordable fashion has now become a reality for Indians. By affordable fashion, I really mean clothes from Delhi’s Janpath or Mumbai’s Colaba Causway, just with some added air conditioning and without bargaining. Anyone who is a regular visitor to the malls and to street fashion hubs would agree that more than once, international brands feed us cheap clothing in the name of ‘the latest trend’. And the flag bearer in this parade of brands has to be Forever 21.


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A typical Forever 21 store has clothes lying all over the place in heaps and girls scrambling and digging through piles, ready to kill if someone tries to get in between them and the dress of their dreams. Their world seems to only comprise of three colours- black, white, and fifty shades of grey. They also have a very wide variety of designs, none of which will have sleeves or will cover the stomach, because more skin means more fashion. And anyone who has shopped from the store would agree that their clothes are made with some fancy technology that makes them change with every wash- buttons start falling, colours start fading, your favourite white shirt soon becomes as yellow as your dhobi’s teeth. Because no matter how much you love Forever 21, it will never love you back.


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And the abundance of options that they provide us with, oh it’s mesmerising! The same print in every possible form of clothing- as a cape, as a crop top, as a shirt, as Wonder Woman’s goddamn chaddi. But girls would be willing to pay any price for these, because there’s no sweaty bhaiya here enticing them to bargain and save 50 bucks that they can proudly show mommy they saved.

It’s about time girls start shopping more smartly, looking for quality over quantity. After all, you can’t be Forever 21, can you?



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