We spend a major portion of our lives in our offices. We are surrounded by colleagues – weird and super weird. You stumble across species you have never thought existed. But it’s not only you, we all have such cranky co-workers around us.

Check the list below and give these unique people a name. *grin*

The ‘Chaatus’
Jitin "Chatus"

And these justify ‘The Boss is always right’. These people are rare but gems that you would just want to punch in the face.

The ‘Won’t Order Food But Will Attack Everyone’s Food’

This person is always broke. These are self-invited and shameless enough to tell you- Apna Hi Khana Samajh. Beware- their one bite can ingest the entire universe.

The ‘Sutta Break Every 30 Mins’

High on cigarettes, these people don’t really know if they take ‘Work breaks’ amidst Chai-Sutta.

The ‘Crybaby’
Tulsi Crybaby
Their agenda ranges from ‘Client ne reply nahi kiya yaar’ to ‘Main single kyun hu’. These suffer from major FOMOs too. Beware these are electrons that have immense potential to spread negativity around.

The ‘Yaar Kaam Karne Ka Mann Nahi Hai Aaj’
5There are no Monday Blues for them. These people are Monday Blues, every day.

The ‘Sabse Tez- in Spreading Gossips’
Shubhankar ChatusBe it an office party or just a regular day, they will ALWAYS have something to “socialise” about. Who met whom on Tinder or who got a new appraisal, these are the know-it-alls of office.

The ‘Ye Maine Kiya Hai’

These people are super clever in noticing if no one is around and super fast in taking credits for things they don’t even know about.

The ‘Premi’
11These don’t even spare the applicants coming in for interviews. So if you are hot and are applying to the company, you never know, this person can convince the HR to hire you.

The ‘EOD Tak Kar Dunga Na’1

These are pro-procrastinators and for them, EOD means 2 a.m in the morning maybe

The ‘Salary Kab Ayegi Yaar’


A week after salary credit, these species start waiting and whining about the next due date for salary credit.

The ‘Mujhe Sab Aata Hai’

The super narcissist segment who knows everything and ends up being numb when asked about it. But mind you, they are never low on confidence.

Take a sigh of relief. These set of cranky-coworkers are found at every workplace. Now you know who to tag. *wink*