Almost every millennial now has a knack of travelling. Everyone wants to quit their jobs, pack their bags, and vanish into thin air to explore the world beyond their city. As enticing as it sounds, let’s face the truth: to travel without a care in the world, you need a bank balance with a lot of digits to back up your plan. But just because you haven’t inherited a fortune, doesn’t mean you can’t make your dream come true, is it? We live in the 21st century and have a plethora of technology and resources at our disposal, and there are a lot of ways you can earn money while you’re exploring the world.

  1. Become a poker player

Contrary to popular belief, poker is actually a game of skill more than that of luck. With enough practice and a good understanding of the game, you’ll actually start winning regularly. Of course, you should first get your hands settled by playing a few smaller games, but once you get the ball rolling, there would be no stopping you! To begin, you can start playing at popular online poker websites, one of them being Thrill Poker, to get the gist of the game. It’s completely legal to play poker online, in case you were wondering. In fact, I did some magic for you and got you a Rs 100 bonus! You can use code RMM100 while signing up. Not bad for a first free try, eh? Visit their website here and get playing!


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2. Start a blog

The beauty about writing is that you don’t have to be a professional writer to be a good writer. You can be as casual as you want, but as long as you’re writing about things that would interest people, be assured that you’re going to get a decent amount of traffic on your blog. Of course, it’s not going to happen overnight, but if you give it enough time and distribute your blog through the right channels, you generate a decent amount of money flowing!

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3. Become a freelancer

The beauty of being a freelancer is.. well, you’re free of the 9 to 5 routine and the monotony of an office cubical. Whether you’re a writer, or a graphic designer, or a web developer- there’s always people who want a few projects done every now and then and require freelancers for the same. I suggest making a portfolio of your work, applying at a couple of freelancing websites, and waiting for the magic to happen!

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4. Selling photographs

From marketing agencies to brands, everyone needs photographs for their graphic solutions. While they get photoshoots done, sometimes they’re simply looking to buy the photographs from other photographers. If you’re good at photography, you can sell your picture for a decent amount of money, and maybe even some credit!

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Go ahead, the world is at your fingertips!



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