Since the first look of Tiger Zinda Hai was unveiled in media, it has remained the hot favourite topic of Bollywood. From speculations about Salman Khan getting back to her ex-beau & co-star Katrina Kaif to a riffle between Kabir Khan (original director) and Yash Raj, the buzz about the film remained hot. And now, the thing we were eying to, YRF has released the Tiger Zinda Hai Trailer and its freaking rich in action and details.

In 2010, with Ek Tha Tiger we were first introduced to the world of RAW agent and the film confirmed Salman Khan starrer would do a business of at least 200 crores on box office. The original was written and directed by Kabir Khan but ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’, is being helmed by Ali Abbas Zafar (Sultan). Much like the original, the sequel banks high on the adrenaline rush, bullets, car chase, Sallu Bhai’s machoness, and world tour.

The film starts in Iraq where a fierce terrorist group has 25 Indian nurses as hostages and the country banks on Tiger for their rescue. The accent and mannerism of the villain  (leader of the terrorist group) look lethal, and  Katrina Khan reprising the role of Zoya, a pretty Pakistani spy (with a wooden face). But, the highlight is the Salman Khan’s role of raw agent- where yet again, the actor plays himself in Tiger Zinda Hai. Care to know how?

Let’s break down the trailer with an observant eye:


XXX (Vin Diesel) style hoverboarding in Snow, only Sallu Bhai can pull off

Salman Tiger Zinda Hai

The world has many talent hoverboarding enthusiast, which cannot pull this stunt in freezing temperatures, but Salman Khan can!


A cyclone could come, but Sallu Bhai’s muffler won’t fall.

Salman Tiger

Rajnikant was famous for making goons fly with a swing of his muffler. Same is the case with Salman Khan where he performed in numerous action scenes and stunts, but the settling of the muffler remains intact. Hero hai Bhai!


Road bump, bike, earthquake, no problem. Sallu Bhai can tackle all

Tiger Zinda Hai Action

Stuck in traffic, or getting late for office, you can always be the kind of road with logics by Sallu Bhai (even when you ride a horse)


No One crashes the truck (or cars) like Salman Khan

Tiger Zinda Hai

We all know what happened that night!


Only Sallu Bhai can fire machine gun with such swag and moves (see the muscles)

Salman Khan Tiger

See how Sallu Bhai flexes muscles while firing a machine gun. Remember the similar move in Dhinka Chika.

The film, Tiger Zinda Hai is set to release on 22nd December, during Christmas weekend. The movie is speculated to be a massive hit and would be another 300 crore film in Salman Khan’s satchel.

Aaya Re Aaya, Dekho SALLU BHAI!