About twenty years ago, weddings were fairly simple. Two families, as well as friends and loved ones of the two families in question, would come together to celebrate the bond of holy matrimony of the two people who were in love, or were forced into the wedding by their respective families but tried to look happy regardless. Indian weddings are as vibrant as its people but of late they’ve become more of an event that is loaded with pretentious displays of jewellery and gifts while the union of two people has become a rather minuscule, vaguely important detail.

Just a little while ago we were talking about how Arpita Khan’s wedding was extravagant as fuck with the media reporting on every little, insignificant detail of it all. Did we need to know about it? Probably not. Did we lap up every tiny bit of information we got about it like starved stray dogs? Absolutely! So today, after going through the e-paper in a sleep and coffee fuelled haze, we read about something that almost made our eyes pop out of our skulls. Ravi Pillai, Kerala’s business tycoon, has reportedly spent Rs. 55 CRORE on his daughter’s nuptials with Dr. Adhitya Vishnu. I’m repeating it for people who did not understand the gravity of the situation – FIFTY-FIVE FRICKING CRORES!! I could buy at least 80,000 iPhones with that money, or I could get a gym membership for 10,000 years or I could even buy 20 houses in Defence Colony but what does he do? Blow it up on a wedding.


(Image source: www.deccanchronicle.com )

Completely off topic (but it will become relevant in about ten seconds) – SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali was an absolute visual delight. So, it only makes sense that same sets was recreated for the wedding of the business tycoon’s daughter with, clearly, way too much money at his disposal. The original set was over a span of five acres but since everything with this wedding has to be extravagant, this set was spread over eight acres because five acres was just too mainstream, I guess.

There are so many things he could do with 55 crores. He could provide mid-day meals to students in government schools for a year, if not more. He could make shelters for homeless people. He could help the Swach Bharat Abhiyan and save the rest of the country from paying the additional 0.5% in tax (some may not be able to afford it). He could provide drinking water to people who do not have access to it. He could build toilets in rural areas for those who cannot afford it and have to, therefore, defecate in the open. He could educate at least 1,00,000 children till primary level. He could donate money for cancer research, or any medical research. He could do all this, and more, if he wanted. But he chooses to spend it on one wedding. Of course, if he has money he should be able to choose to spend it however he likes but at some point he has to have some sort of social responsibility.


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But a wedding? Yeah, I guess that’s social responsibility as well. I mean, you’re helping out wedding planners and other people who already have enough money of their own while also showing a poverty stricken country exactly how lavish a life you can, and do, lead. That’s fine too. We’re nobody to judge but we will. Because we can. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t stop us.


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In the end, we live by the concept of go big or go home and gone big we have, indeed!