If you are someone who gets hurt by people getting confused between their, there and they’re, then today is the day you should be celebrating with full enthusiasm. I’m guessing every polite conversation that people have with you ends up becoming an English lesson for them, and a party for your grammar nazi soul. Here are 5 things you’ll absolutely relate to if you love punctuation and tenses!

The urge to correct people on text messages

On of the most common grammar mistakes people tend to make, especially while texting, is confusing between your and you’re. And boy, every time does that happen, you forget what they’re saying altogether and only have an urge to send a correction.


You can recite the difference between ‘than’ and ‘then’ in your sleep

The fact that apart from 3 letters, the words ‘than’ and ‘then’ have nothing in common is something that you can never get tired of explaining to the world.


You know when to use ‘fewer’ and when to use ‘lesser’

Yes, English is a confusing language, but the fact that there are so many distinct words in more of a blessing than a problem! And of course, it’s a blessing you completely appreciate.


What is the grammar nazi thing that totally ticks you off? Tell me in the comments!