Just when we start losing hope in the goodness of people, someone does one kind deed and our faith is restored. One such deed was just carried out by Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj.

After misplacing her passport two days before their honeymoon, Sana Fatima Khan and her husband Faizan Patel were distraught about how the latter would manage a honeymoon without his honey.

After all attempts went futile, Faizan went on for the trip alone, and tweeted a picture from the flight to the minister.

As surprised as anyone might be, Sushma Swaraj responded to his tweet, asking the couple to contact her directly, and assuring them that she’ll help speed things up.

And before they knew, the minister had done her magic and the couple was going to be united.

I guess some stories do have happy endings.



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