Amidst the plethora of superheroes movies that have approached us in 2016, Suicide Squad seemed like a fresh breath of air, with all our favourite villains teaming up together to wreak havoc on anyone that crosses their path. And wreak havoc they did, when the much-awaited movie of the year went spiralling down to the core of sheer disappointment.

If you thought Batman VS Superman stole you off of those precious 3 hours of your life, then you are in for a surprise with this candy flossed team of death-row super villains is going to bleed your expectations dry.


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A reincarnated version of Joker, essayed by Jared Leto brings back our love for the peering pimpish maniac, but sadly, the love is as short lived as Leto’s performance. The film does its best to chase after the nihilistic swagger of ‘Deadpool’ and anarchic whimsy of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ only to fall flat on its potentially pretty face.

A film that is about a gang of outlawed brawlers set free to bring balance to DC’s universe of good guys vs the bad guys, with smeary colours, high death toll, vile language that falls not far behind the weaponry used, ‘Suicide Squad’ is one hell of a botch job that would make you wanna cringe so hard your teeth would fall out.


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Every cloud has a silver lining and ‘Suicide Squad’ achieved one for itself in Margot Robbie’s presentation as the Joker’s shrink turned psycho bat wielding Harley Quinn. The irresistible Robbie has delivered a raging performance, her psycho and Viola Davis’ ethic-starved-fed, Amanda waller are probably the only performances that would get you through this 2 and 1/2 hour flub fest.


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Everything said, I guess you should watch the movie nonetheless, which releases this Friday, August 5. Until then, watch the trailer here:



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