We have a habit of pretending to be very cool and sophisticated. If you go to any average Indian house party, it’ll start with the latest Skrillex song, slowly progress to Honey Singh, and end with Lollipop Lagelu. Let’s face it: there’s nothing that can pump life into a party like a fun Bhojpuri song. Adding to the list of B-town party songs that we can’t get enough of is this new song by Faizalpuria and Priyanka Goyat, called ‘Jimmy Choo’. Yes, you guessed right. The song is about a girl asking her man to buy her a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. Of course, she doesn’t stop there and moves on to asking for a Lamborghini next. It’s like she’s setting the ground for her demands by starting for shoes, and then moving onto bigger things (all puns intended).

Jimmy Jimmy Choo (Chu) (Chu) (Chu)…