An apparent journalist and author, Matt Forney wrote an article a few years ago listing down 5 reasons why one shouldn’t ever date an Indian girl. And might I add, I’ve felt so ridiculed by just a piece of writing. I don’t know if this hatred directed at Indian girls is the consequence of one nasty break up, or he’s like that as a person, but either way, I don’t see a reason for anyone to talk about anyone in this way.

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First of all, foreign dishes? Seriously? What makes him think that any man, white or not, is served to women on a silver platter with an assortment of choices. And clearly, his hatred for women just doesn’t stop at Indians, because he seems to be generously adding adjectives while talking about white women as well.

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I can’t see what the bigger problem according to him- the fat that Indian girls might or might not end up gaining, or the fact that they don’t all look like the winner of a beauty pageant. And at the risk of sounding rude, I would love to add that this man looks nothing close to Bradley Cooper, but he clearly thinks he is America’s Next Top Model.

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I wonder who he had a conversation with to draw such conclusions, but I can most definitely bet that Indian women DO NOT wish to be a part of the white race. And no, this has nothing to do with resentment for the latter. I simply say this because I’m sure Indian women are proud of who they are how they look. We’re dusky and we love it!

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This argument is so baseless, that I don’t even feel like giving an answer to it. I would like to remind him that Indian women, just like any other women in the world, are doing just fine despite being “crazy”. As far as the SJW ideology is concerned why shouldn’t one support that when we are bombarded with the outrageous amount of racism with a passive aggressive objectification of our “pudding pop” butts by a sour bleach boy misogynist!

Just like the rest of the world, Indian women have moved forward and aren’t ‘prudish’ and ‘conservative’ as many are mistaken. Having and propogating such hatred for people of any race isn’t something that we do, but obviously it is something this man does. So much for being a mess.

You can read the entire article here.



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