Remember all those times you were at a concert, or at a party, or out on the streets, and you see something but your hands aren’t fast enough to take your phone out and Snapchat that stuff? Well, thank the good lord of social media, because now you can record anything you want right the minute you see it! How, you ask? Snap Inc (formerly called Snapchat) has launched ‘Spectacles’ that can record 30-second videos of anything you’re looking at, right from your sunglasses!


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Spectacles are basically sunglasses connected with a video recording device, that records video snippets of 30 seconds, which are saved in your Snapchat memories. The camera has a 115-degree lens, which would closely approximate how humans see. The glasses will cost $130 and be available in three colours- black, teal, and coral. There would be a button on the top right, which would instantly start recording as soon as you press it. It would automatically stop recording after 10 seconds, but you can press the button again if you want to add a 10 second increment. The videos can be transferred to your phone via WiFi, and you can post them as Snap stories. Voila! The Spectacles will be released for purchase soon, but for now would be available limited.

Looks like Snap Inc is going to revolutionize how we see the world!



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