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Classic music, affordable drinks, and an entire floor as a smoking zone. These are the things that come to mind as soon as someone talks about Route 04, Khan Market. A hangout for students and working professionals alike, this classic bar situated in one of the most posh markets of Delhi has been a favourite since the time it opened. Always brimming with people chirping and singing, it was the place that made moments special.

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One of the first few places around Delhi which was set up exactly like an American bar, the vibes that floated in the air of Route 04 sent a wave of nostalgia through every millennial Delhiite. An after-school hangout for every Sardar Patel and DPS Mathura Road kid, the doors of Route 04 were always open to anyone who wanted to have a relaxed time with great music and delicious food. From the beloved chicken wings to the perfect fresh fries with cheese and mayo dip, the food accompanying the drinks was always marvellous.

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And who could ever forget the brilliant sports screenings! A favourite for sports lovers, the football and cricket match screenings at Route 04 were not to be missed. Groups of supporters cheering on their teams, singing and clapping as loud as the people in the stadium was a sight not to be missed.

As this legendary bar in the heart of Delhi prepares to close its doors forever on July 31, every other person can be heard reminiscing it. From first dates to first paycheques, Route 04 has been a part of an unending number of celebrations in the lives of all the people who have been visiting this place for years. There’s no place that will ever, ever be able to take the place Route 04 holds in the hearts of Delhiites.

Places open and places close, but Route 04, you hold a special place in our hearts!


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Let’s bid farewell to this place together. Tell me your favourite Route 04 memory in the comments!



PS: Route 04, Khan Market, you’ll be missed.

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