When it comes to giving back to society, there’s no effort that will ever count as small. Every single step that an individual takes to help people who aren’t able to help themselves changes the life of at leats one person. It’s said that a single step taken can start a revolution, and that is what ‘Rasoi On Wheels’ is doing- bringing a wave of change.


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A brainchild of Atul Kapoor, the owner of QBA restaurant in Connaught Place, New Delhi, Rasoi On Wheels serves freshly cooked meals to construction workers, labourers, children in slums, heavy vehicle drivers, and anyone who is unable to afford a decent meal for themselves. It is currently functional in Delhi. They serve items like rajma, rice, noodles etc. depending on the wishes of the donor. Within the first month, they distributed 11,000 meals, and the figure has now crossed over 30,000 meals.


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You can also contribute to the cause and sponsor lunch with Rasoi On Wheels. Get more details on their Facebook page.

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