Remember your primary school days, when your evening routine involved going out to play in the evening, and coming back home to watch your favourite evening TV shows? I’m sure that every kid remembers religiously watching Pokémon and Power Rangers every day. Collecting playing cards and action figures was the ultimate big deal, and no hell or high water could stop us from getting them all. While we got our sweet dose of Pokémon memories with the launch of Pokémon Go earlier this year, it seems like we’re going to get to relive the greatness of Power Rangers soon.

♥, and whatever is in store for us- we just can’t wait. Only the first look posters of the movie have released yet, and the world is already jumping with excitement. i3j6najt1kpumgqta72m f30xvaweonsreuumpkam dwcl2rb3v7xogtsimuwo u7hn6lz52zodnqnmzb6m gsjyhddhan33kfe1g80pIt does seem that they have kept the original aesthetics of the rangers intact, but there sure will be a whole lot more action in terms of graphics and visualisation. I simply can’t wait!



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