Gone are the times when visiting an innocent visit to a website was harmless. The Government of India has decided that if you as much as visit a torrent downloading website or a blocked URL, you’re a criminal.

An updated directive on blocked websites says that a user can be fined up to Rs 3,00,000, or can be imprisoned for up to 3 years, or both, under the 1957 Copyright Act. Yes, for even opening the website. So if you even trying to access as much as a document, you’re going to end up in jail.


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While there are a lot of ways to work around this and access banned website, the reason for the notice remains unclear. Yes, infringement, distribution, and possession are illegal under the mentioned sections, but viewing does not violate the act.

I guess this year isn’t the best for the world of torrents. What are going to do with our lives now?



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