If there is one activity women all over the world indulge in (and enjoy), it most definitely is bonding over a couple of tampons and tissue papers in washrooms. At any point in time, you can expect at least 100,000 girls in different washrooms all across the globe sharing their deepest fears and favourite shade of red lipstick. From creepy guy stories to maid woes, anything and everything can be discussed in the friendship that will last for a total of 5 minutes but will be remembered for a lifetime.

From the colour of nail paints to how much those gorgeous heels hurt, sentiments somehow are understood better when the woman is a stranger. They don’t know any back story, they don’t know other people’s opinions, they simply listen to you and can give you the best third person advice on almost any matters of the world. And of course, no one can understand drama better than another dramatic soul.

From an honest compliment on how great your dress looks, to exchanging tips on how to get that perfect cat eye, there isn’t any topic that is out of bounds when two girls are sharing a confined space. The stress of holding your pee inside while waiting in a long que can only be understood by another dear human who is going through the same ordeal. It’s sad that the plans that are made in the few special moments of friendship never ever substantiate, as much as we wish they would.

Girls, you are missed dearly. I hope to see you again.



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