Game of Thrones, the name itself is enough to draw attention. With the kind of presence the web series has, it is highly unlikely that any one could have survived the GoT fever. The first episode of the season 7 was out yesterday morning and the world went crazy. The wait was indeed worth it. To my surprise, a few of my friends who were GoT Virgins, as we call them, went begging for the previous seasons just to be part of the much built GoT hype.

With the newbies still prepping up and the old ones already hooked with the witty and catchy lines from the previous seasons, an online e-commerce website, Baefikre, brings you Phone Covers that will surely quench your GoT fan thirst.

Let me begin with the most sellable covers that every GoT fan must have. The three houses – House Stark, Targaryen or House Lannister. 

So, which house do you vouch for? 

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Without a doubt the most impactful character. With no dialogue throughout the series and no powers to show, this character managed to steal our heart. The red door pattern – Hodor aka “Hold the door” cover.


Get different shades of the “Iron throne”.

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A treat for the Tyrion Lannister fans! These covers will summarize the best one liners from the notorious character of the series.

i am the god of tits and wine

The company is all set to bombard you with Game of Thrones products. They also have an entire segment dedicated just to Coffee Mugs. There is GoT theme based mugs as well amongst different Mugs with quotes, movie dialogues, and illustrations. And again, I couldn’t help but buy a bunch of these Stark house and “All men must die” coffee mugs, for friends and foes of-course. 

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These products are all you need to prove your love for the Game of Thrones. Use them, flaunt them, gift them, whatever your purpose is, these products are durable and affordable. Get an additional discount of Rs100 on all the phone covers with the coupon code “GOT100”

While you’re at it, do check their GoT Trump Cards as well. 


Hurry up! Get your hands on these products today.