If you know who the Peverell Brothers are, then you are a wizard for sure, and your Harry Potter knowledge is on point. And if you’re a wizard, then you must absolutely love any puns about the magical world. They’re evergreen, just like the series. A Harry Potter pun can be an ice breaker, a filler in a conversation, a way to fall in love! And that is what popular comedian Sahil Shah is doing with the brilliant Harry Potter puns he is posting on his social media- making us fall in love.

Current situation relevant Harry Potter pun. #expectooutrageum #sahilpotterpuns

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You know what time it is? IT’S HARRY POTTER PUN TIME! #sahilpotterpuns #yaali #alibeback #mohammedalley

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MOAR POTTER PUNS! Check out today’s edition on Snapchat @sahilbulla #sahilpotterpuns #punaday #thisisneverending

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This man sure does know how to do magic with his words.



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