I woke up to #BoycottMyntra trending on Twitter, and my first thought was, “What are people overreacting about today?” Turns out, a popular media house had posted a series of creatives showing what Gods and Goddesses would be up to in the social media age. They used the names of a number of very popular brands and companies, all in good humour.

But sadly, we happen to live in a very intolerant society, and people started raging about the religious sentiments that were being hurt. Out of the series, one creative in particular showed Lord Krishna browsing Myntra while overlooking Draupadi’s cheerharan. The funny thing is, Myntra had nothing to do with the creative! But since they’re a popular brand and their name is used, they’re facing major backlash by the public.

Not just a Twitter trend, but people are actually sending out legal notices to Myntra for something they haven’t even done! It is seriously sad that people are blaming Myntra for the artwork, without actually applying common sense to the situation. Though Twitter influencers are speaking out and discouraging people to boycott absolutely anything just for the heck of it, without knowing the actual situation.

I sincerely hope people gather correct information before picking on sides.



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