Ever since the attacks in Uri by Pakistani terrorists a few days ago, people all over the nation have been crying out for a war. According to popular opinion, declaring a war on the neighbouring nation is the only way this turmoil can be put to and end. But let’s take a step back and think about it: is war really the answer to this grave problem? While it may seem like the best comeback to all of these atrocities, it definitely does put a lot of lives at risk. Keeping aside the terrorists, the common people of Pakistan are just like you & I- they go to work, listen to music, have families. Our nations might be different, but we’re all the same, and endangering lives of our people and theirs is not going to solve any problem, it will only create more. And this message is put out very well by popular YouTube channel East India Comedy, or EIC, in their latest video of the EIC: Outrage series.

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