If you’ve been living in India for a while, you would know for sure that watching international television shows actually means only getting to watch half the show, thanks to censorship. And especially if it’s a series like Game Of Thrones, then everyone would agree that the Star World version of it is utterly boring. Also, who wants to wait for like 6 years for it to be aired, right?

So what do we petty humans do about it? We download the episode as soon as it’s released, waking up as early as 7 in the morning to do so. To all you downloaders, your happy days might be coming to an end soon. HBO, the production house behind the global hit show, is taking measures against piracy by sending notices to people who have shared and downloaded the episodes of GoT via torrents. They’ve started out by issuing warnings to internet service providers (ISPs), urging them to take action against the alleged pirates.


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They’ve also actively been targeting torrent sites with takedown requests, and a number of sites have removed torrents within minutes of them being uploaded. This clearly means that HBO is tracking these uploads real time! They’re also encouraging users to stream the show through paid legal channels.

Sorry peeps, incognito mode won’t help you get away with this.



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