Opening up Swiggy, scrolling through the restaurants and then closing the app. Checking the shopping app for discounts and ending up adding the products to your wish list. Trying the best outfits at the Zara outlet in the trial room, taking infinite selfies and dumping them from where they were hanging. Why? Because of Kadki! Today, tomorrow and most of the times.

Money has always been our honey. We realize how it has been through the thick and thin of our lives. We realize it better when we don’t have any.

Remember the month end episodes? The one which gets us checking our bank account notifications every moment, leaving us in queues to withdraw last few hundreds from the ATMs. No matter how much savings we have, it renders us Gareeb every time.

#DearMoney was a part of a promotional campaign of Aditya Birla Capital but Twitterati gave this campaign a hilarious twist with their tweets.

Read it, laugh out loud or weep in the corner. We understand your grief.


This girl has commitment issues with money. Actually, money has commitment issues with her.


If only forever meant ‘until next salary credited’.


But luring it won’t do the trick!


Even money gives us ‘No Ijjat’


Money won’t understand the social media language


No flying fucks given by money

After seeing this, we wish our Bank accounts could hear us and see what pain it gives us when it’s devoid of any money! Money, why you no listen?