Just when we thought zero was India’s first big contribution to the world of technology, we were proved wrong.


On Tuesday, the Hindu epic Mahabharata took an altogether different course, and if you have been following the news (or, memes), you must be aware of the Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb statement. He was quoted saying:

Tripura CM

After reading this, I was sure about a few things:

  1. a) My whole childhood was a lie
  2. b) I now regret watching Ramanand Sagar’s Mahabharata on television
  3. c) I shouldn’t have read supplementary books on Mahabharata in school (I slept through them anyway)


It’s not that we haven’t heard fabricated, baseless, and hilarious statements from politicians before, but this particular claim by Tripura CM made me wonder – and I am sure others might have come across this thought:

Kon sa maal phoonka tha netaji?

Twitter couldn’t resist the news either, and the whole calm was lost by trolling the BJP minister in two ways:

  1. By supporting his theory, with a pinch (loads) of sarcasm.
  2. By questioning the credibility of the statement in a humorous way.

Let’s have a look at the best tweets:







Now, post the whole debacle, BJP tried their hands with damage control where ministers like Tripura governor came out in support. But, CM Biplab Kumar Deb in no mood of falling to the heat of twitterati (or wisdom), and chooses to stick by his statement.


Let’s hope, he doesn’t say tomorrow – “KFC existed during Mahabharata, and the whole battle was fought for the last fried chicken wings.”


You got no chillz, netaji!