Amitabh Bachchan wrote a letter to his granddaughters, Nayva and Aradhana, and recited it in a video which was shared a few days ago. Since then, the video has been making rounds of the internet and people haven’t been able to stop talking about how empowering and encouraging the video is. But it so happens that a few people feel this entire video is just an activity to create some buzz.One of such people is popular comedian Atul Khatri. In a satirical post, he wrote a letter of his own addressing his future granddaughters, and it’s safe to say that he went all out.

As an after thought, it does seem that this attempt by Mr Bachchan is simply a PR stunt prior to the release of his movie Pink. As much as his team might say that this is a genuine show of love from a grandfather to his granddaughters, it definitely doesn’t seem like the case. I don’t think coating a blatant attempt to promote a movie in a video with ’emotions’ and ‘concern’ is going to do the job of hiding an obvious PR plan. Also, I feel very curious as to why the grandmothers of both the kids were not considered contributors to the legacy that they’re upholding? Or their mothers, for that matter, who both happen to be very powerful and influential women. So much for women empowerment!



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