Going through the story of Cinderella, my favourite part was when she danced with the Prince. All I did was watch her gown in awe. Someday I will marry in a gown like Cinderella and that was the motivation to grow up and dress like her in beautiful gowns. And it was not just me but every little girl who wanted to get dressed just like this Disney Princess and marry the love of her life.

As we grew up we realized that real life is not as dramatic as the fairy tales we all have read. But that doesn’t really mean that we can’t get a real Cinderella-worthy gown for ourselves.

Bringing to all of you lovely girls, gowns you will go crazy for. Gowns that will make you want to go for a fairy tale wedding. Without wasting your further time, here is the visual treat for you all.

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7

You are never too old to be a princess. So ditch those shararas and lehengas and have a Cinderella themed function for your wedding