What’s better than a phone cover? A quirky phone cover that will give your phone a hug that lasts. We stumbled upon Baefikre, an e-commerce website, whose specialty is its quirky phone covers and we couldn’t make up our minds as to which one was the best of the lot.

We bring a list of ten phone covers that we thought topped the charts:

  • The Greek affair with the ‘Greece Hues’ cover

Get your Greek On with this Greece Hues phone cover that is everything breezy.


Review: “This cover is a slice of tranquility that brings calmness to my everyday life. Exactly what I have been looking for.” – Pranjali Aggarwal

  • ‘Smoking Skull’ case for iPhones and Androids

Looks like this phone cover is giving a social commentary. While looking badass.


Review: “Love the too cool for school vibe that this phone cover gives. I have dropped my phone several times, but this case has kept it completely protected. I have also received a ton of compliments for its design as well.” – Shubhankar Mishra

  • ‘Moustache’ cover

What do we say? This one is fan-tache-tic.


Review: “Love how the cover matches my cool vibe.” – Amit Dhawan

  • ‘A girl has no name’ cover

A girl might have no name but we GOT to have this one. No pun intended.


Review: “My 16-year-old daughter loved this case since Game of Thrones is her favourite series. The moment it got wrapped around her phone, I knew it is never coming off.” – Riddhima Arora

  • This case that’s disguised as a ‘Pepperoni Pizza’

This phone cover is both a blessing and a curse as it attracts a lot of hungry eyes all the time and we see our plans of getting a beach body going for a toss.


Review: “It is always a nice feeling when I look at it and it looks so delicious that I can almost taste it. This is also the best fitting phone that I have ever had for any phone. Very easy to put on and lines up with buttons perfectly.” – Deepakshi Dawar

  • This ‘Bearded Man’ phone cover that’s full of swag

Hair might not grow on your face so fast but this phone cover is sure to grow on you.

47-6 (1)

Review: “My love for this phone cover is only going to grow, just like my beard. Also, love its sturdy quality that always protects it. Love, love, love it.” – Saurabh Patnaik

  • This ‘Cat Love’ phone cover that fits your style

Even the cats said ‘wow’ instead of ‘meow’ after taking a look at this one.


Review: “I LOVE this one. It is super cute and protective too and it is hard to find covers that offer both these days.”  – Baefikre Customer

  • ‘Beer-o-Clock’ phone case

This beer phone case will let you bear the hectic days at work.


Review: “This is absolutely the best iPhone case, hands down, and the only case you’ll every buy for your iPhone again.” – Animesh Kumar

  • This swanky ‘Cool Pineapple’ phone case

Pizza with pineapple? That’s an insult. Phone case with pineapple? You would pine for it.


Review: “Finally a company that puts some thought for creating designs that are quirky and help break free from the monotony of daily life. My iPhone feels really secure.” – Deepak Rawat

  • ‘Desi Me Rolling’ phone cover

They see me rollin’, they hatin’… themselves for not buying this phone cover.


Review: “After comparing my phone cover with that of my friends’, I can say that it is the absolute best.” – Baefikre Customer

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Posted by Baefikre on Saturday, 25 February 2017