If there’s anything that we Indians are really kick at, it most definitely would be adding a desi twist to everything that we can. From Chinese food to DJ Snake’s chartbuster song ‘Lean On’, we’ve mixed it all, and more than often we do quite a good job at it.

So very few people were surprised when rapper Badshah covered the hit song ‘Sorry’ by Justin Bieber, adding a twist of his own to it. Mixing it up with a cover of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s classic song ‘Sajna Tere Bina’, the song has quite a ring to it.

The part that has got us all confused about whether we like the song or not is the Hindi lyrics added to the song. They’re not just funny, but also make us wonder if the English lyrics sound as ridiculous as the Hindi ones. ‘Insta par photo jo daali hai lagti ho khush badi’ aren’t exactly lyrics that we would want to be heard singing, are they? Despite having a nice ring to the music, the words being sung just confuses me.

Despite having confused views, I’m pretty sure the song would very soon be played at all clubs in town. It’s your boy Badshah, after all!



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