If there is a religion that every person in our country follows, it is cricket. From children to adults, from celebrities to common men, from mothers to young boys, every Indian has a love for cricket that cannot be explained in words. Be it test cricket or T20, every form of the game has captivated its lovers and had them glued to their seats for hours at a stretch. Sachin’s iconic innings at Sharjah in 1998 which led to India beating Australia in a decisive match is a memory every Indian fondly remembers. The moment when Yuvraj Singh hit 6 sixes in 2007 against England still leaves everyone with goosebumps. Dhoni’s smoking sixer, crowning India as the world champions in the 2011 World Cup will be etched into everyone’s memory forever!

But of late, cricket has become about a whole lot more than cricket. With the new season of IPL kicked off recently, one thing has become clear- this cricket league is becoming more and more about celebrities dancing, international DJs performing, weirdly dressed cheerleaders, and VVIPs in the stands, and lesser about the game itself. Controversies, fixing, betting, and words that have become synonyms with the cricket league. Back in the day the game wasn’t sold with a mix of dancers and celebrities, and people watched it for the love of the game.

In the midst of all the showshaa that is pushing away cricket lovers from IPL, the newbie team Gujarat Lions has done something that is standing out. They teamed up with Humour Me, an entertainment company and released their theme song, which is exactly what cricket lovers want- no celebrity, no loud music. Just a simple tune that touches the heart. Where IPL is like a one night stand, this song brings back the romance we share with cricket.

Does this song make you want to wake up at 4AM to watch a match, like you did 10 years ago? Food for thought.