The thing about Bollywood is that no matter how much competition they might have amongst one another, when the time comes, they all stand together to support each other’s movies. Such was the case before the release of Akshay Kumar starer ‘Rustom’, which hit the theaters on August 13, and completely took over the box office doing a business of over Rs 80 crore over the weekend.

And as Bollywood goes, celebrities did a special countdown for Akshay Kumar a few days before the release, tweeting and posting videos for the same. As the movie performs well, the man himself takes out a few minutes from his schedule to thank his friends for the immense support they showered.

From Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor, to Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh, and Fawad Khan, he wishes goodwill for all the actors in what seems like a self composed song. And might I add, it’s adorable!

Mr Kumar, you sure are the king of our hearts!



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