Women empowerment has always been a national concern and we have alas, taken upon the issue and deemed it of utmost importance. While the revolution started with a throttle, sending a shiver down the entire nation’s spine, somewhere down the line, it wavered from its path. What started as a promising cause with men and women standing up for equality of the latter, campaigns launched to educate the girl child, people speaking out for the rights of the women, feminists erupting into a force to be reckoned with etc. now turned into a commercialized bait waiting to be exploited.

Over the last 2 years, we have come across a swarm of ad campaigns following the theme of women empowerment, while they initially did touch a nerve with the fairer sex, they lost the appeal when they started to verge onto the possibility of being nothing more than being cheap tricks to lure in customers. The cause now hangs onto a loose thread between a solid marketing tactic to mint money and a revolution waiting to provide the right that has long been denied.

Here are some of the brands that latched on to the cause, while they did a good job from a marking point of view, what concerns us now is if they really solve the purpose of empowering women?

If only these products could serve as a pedestal for women to be seen as equals with respect to their counterparts. Eventually, the ads started to show for what they really are; a wolf hiding under sheep skin waiting to pounce upon its prey.



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