In an average month, how much do you think you would spend on tea time snacks, say a couple of samosas, jalebis, and maybe some namkeen? Maybe Rs 1000 or Rs 1500 in a month, if you have a lot of visitors, right?

Tea Time Snacks of AAP
Tea Time Snacks of AAP

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Turns out, in 18 such average months, Arvind Kejriwal and his six-member cabinet have spent a mere Rs 1 crore on ‘tea and light snacks’. In a response to an RTI query filed by Vivek Garg, it has come to light that the Kejriwal cabinet has been spending extravagantly on snacks for guests, funds for which are coming from taxpayer’s money. SO basically, you’ve been paying for the samosas Keju and his peeps have been gorging.

Public Reaction on AAP's Tea Time Bill Amont
Public Reaction on AAP’s Tea Time Bill Amont

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The fattest bill has been racked up by Mr Kejriwal himself, amounting to a whopping Rs 44.49 lacs, followed by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who spent about Rs 11.28 lacs. Former transport minister Gopal Rai spent Rs 11.06 lacs. Former social welfare minister Sandeep Kumar, who was sacked earlier this week, fed his guests with snacks worth Rs 9.11 lacs. Health minister Satyendra Jain came very close to Kumar, ar Rs 9.10 lacs. Then there is tourism minister Kapil Mishra, who was gracious enough to only spend Rs 6.30 lacs on the same. The least amount, Rs 5.89 lacs, was spent by minister of food and civil supply, Imran Hussain.

I mus say, Kejriwal’s cabinet sure is very khaata peeta!

giphy (8)Kejriwal's Cabinet having Snaks
Kejriwal’s Cabinet having Snaks 🙂

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