Offices are very interesting spaces. You meet a variety of species of humans, all of whom can be identified and grouped according to some signature habits. From the one who’s always at the coffee machine, to the one who has the loudest laughter, here are 7 types of people everyone definitely has at their offices:

  1. The text message buddy

This is the one colleague that you hardly talk to in office, but are constantly connected with over messages. You might be the bestest of buddies as long as you have two screens connecting you. But the minute you see them in person, you literally take a U-turn and run for your life.


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2. The compulsive tagger

There’s always one person at work who bombards your notifications by tagging you on every meme on social media. There comes a time when you talk less and tag more. *takes a break and tags*

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3. The one with all the puns

I’m sure you all have more than one colleague who can make a creepy joke out of anything, any word, any letter! Let’s not deny it, we need them around us to go through the day. They’re just so damn punny.

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4. The silent member

They’re the ones in the background. They’re just there, sitting at their seats, staring at their screens, but listening to every damn conversation happening around them. So basically, they know your entire life story.

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5. The order freak

These people are the reason behind those extra pounds you keep gaining. They’re going to be the one to suggest ordering food every damn day, and then going ahead to convince you to do the same. Say bye bye to your salary and that hot bod you’ve been aiming for since 1969.

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6. The food monger

Now, how do you dispose off the tiffin full of love that your mom packed for you when you fall in the food ordering trap? Simple, pass it on to that one colleague who will eat anything ad everything that comes their way *pun intented*

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7. Coffee machine

They’re constantly at the coffee machine, all day, every day. You can always spot them brewing up a mug for themselves, and oh so nicely offering to do the same for you. They can actually add that to their job description.

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Which one are you? Tell me in the comments!



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