Growing up comes with its own pros and cons, and somehow, the one thing that fits into both categories is work. No matter how much you don’t want to, but after a point working seems like the only constant in an adult’s life. There are days when we’re completely pumped up to work and be productive all day long. But there are also a few days when we just don’t feel like working, even when we’re sitting at our desk and staring at the computer’s screen.

On such days, it also becomes very difficult to actually find something to do for 9 straight hours which isn’t work. Thank god for you, I’m here to help you with a couple of things you can do to kill time, without getting bored out of your mind.

  1. Read an eBook

The great thing about eBooks are that they’re in generally in a PDF file, and thus look a lot like any important reading document. So you can be fully engrossed in a novel, while your colleagues think you’re doing some important office reading!

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2. Update your music library

You know what every office has? Great internet! So while you’re toggling between websites, you can check out the latest hit songs and download them all!


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3. Clean up your hard disk

You’d be surprised how many useless files are crowding your hard drive. You can actually go through every single folder and every single file, see what you need and what you don’t, and spend your day effectively cleaning. In case you’re left with a couple of hours, connect your phone to the computer and clean that up as well.

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4. Watch a few TedX sessions

If you want to waste time but not completely waste it, watch a few sessions on TedX and read random articles on the internet. Trust me, that stuff never ends.

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5. Solve the 9/11 mystery

There’s just so much about that on the internet! Once you dive into that pool, you’re never coming back.

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Happy effective time wasting!



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