If you’ve lived in India for a long time, you most definitely must have visited the masterji at the marker near your house to fulfil your Indian wear needs. From getting suits stitched to getting blouses altered, they’ve been the ones helping us out in the times of need. But let’s face it, it can be really awkward sometimes. With all the terminology challenges and accent barriers, it can quite a task to explain to them precisely what we want. Here are 5 things you definitely faced while visiting the masterji:

  1. The difference between ‘frock’ and ‘gown’

For them, if it’s a one piece dress, it’s a frock. Period. The concept of terminology is alien to them.

giphy (3)

2. Indicating adha inch on their finger

They have a measuring tape with the scale printed on it. Then why, for the love of god, do they not use that to tell us how much half an inch would be? No, they’re just going to indicate the length with their fingers. So precise, eh?


3. Colour card? What’s that?

Try explaining the difference between salmon pink and watermelon pink, and you’ll spend a lifetime with no results. For them, there are only the 7 shades of the rainbow, with ‘isse dark‘ and ‘isse light‘.

giphy (1)

4. Discussing the right size of the cup

Girls, I’m sure you’ve got what I’m trying to say without having to elaborate further.

giphy (2)

5. Drawing designs

No outfit design will ever be complete without both parties drawing an awful sketch of what they want the dress to look like (though it never end up looking like that).

giphy (3)

Well, I used to dread going to the tailor, for the visit used to become an odyssey. All I used to wish for, was that I could simply ask a designer to come to my house, take the measurements, decide the design without making bad sketches, and make my outfit in the exact colour that I want. I think that after these years, the Gods have heard my prayers, for we have Get Stitched for all our tailoring needs! Not only do they provide us with doorstep service, they even send designers of the gender we’re more comfortable with. No awkward bra strap talks anymore. Yay!

You can check out their website for more information.

Thank me later!