We are all too familiar with the love-hate relationship we share with our “BOSS”, the gut-wrenching attempt to hold back our opinions while simultaneously fantasising about strangling them in their sleep. If only we could be honest with them for once. This Boss/ employee exchange day I’m getting honest with my sometimes nice yet mostly unreasonable boss.

You Need to Cool it

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  1. Extra work means extra time

Please read the “EXTRA” in the work assigned at the last moment. The constant nagging doesn’t help much rather sends me into a (flight or) fight mode.

Extra work means extra time

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2. It’s lunch, not a marathon

I may hog but my body needs time recuperate from the sudden influx of food it got flooded with. Cut me some slack maybe?

It's lunch, not a marathon

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3. Accountability goes both ways

I think I might have crashed our server but remember that time I asked for your help and you asked me to “deal with it”. Not to point any fingers but you know…heh!

Accountability goes both ways

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4. Leave me alone

The concept of taking a leave isn’t that hard to understand, you know. I take a leave, you leave me alone. It’s a win-win, who would’ve thought, right?

Leave me alone

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5. Work Work Work

‘Work from home’ is a thing nowadays, did you know? People work in their cute pajamas from the comfort of their home and get paid for it. I swear!

No Work From Home

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So bosses, you maybe want to try being employees for one day?



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