“If dogs could talk, I would never talk to a human again.” – Every Dog Lover In The World

There’s only so much that can be said about how adorable dogs are, but nothing could ever explain the love that a person has towards them, or vice versa. From games of fetch, to games of fighting for space on the bed, a dog owner knows it all, and enjoys it all. As much as they might test one’s patience, there is nothing more satisfying that coming home to a ball of fur waiting to snuggle with you in bed. They’re like kids basically, only a whole lot more adorable! Here are 5 things only a dog lover will understand:

  1. Unlimited games of fetch

No matter how cliched it sounds, but a dog loves no game more than the good ol’ fetch. From socks to sticks to newspapers to food, they will fetch anything and everything at any time of the day. And oh, the happiness on their faces when they successfully fetch what you asked them for! Priceless.

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2. Chewed up shoes

It doesn’t surprise a dog owner anymore to come home and find a shoe or two missing a little bit of leather of the end of a strap. Everyone knows that dogs absolutely love eating shoes, only next to furniture corners. As much as you might hate them for doing this, secretly you know you didn’t like those shoes anyway.


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3. Fighting for bed space

If you’re one of those people who likes to snuggle with their dog while sleeping, you’ll most definitely understand how difficult it can be to share a bed with a fur ball. The sleep very soundly, more soundly than you, and after a while they’re gonna be all over the bed, and you’re just fighting for space. But as soon as to manage to turn them around and go back to spooning with them, you know how satisfactory the sleep is going to be!

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4. Waking up to face licks

Even the loudest alarm clock ever has got nothing on a dog when it comes to waking up their owners. The soft nudges and the warm licks by a dog first thing in the morning to wake you up is probably the best alarm you’ll need. No matter how sleepy you are, you’ll always be happy to have your furry one greet you a good morning!

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5. The feeling when they come running to you after a long day

No matter how stressful you day was, no matter how many hardships you had to suffer through, the wave of love you’ll feel when your four legged friend comes running to you is a feeling that can’t be matched up with anything else! One tight hug, and everything in the world will seem better.


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If you don’t have a dog yet, you really need to adopt one! Trust me, you’re missing out on a whole lot.



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