The great thing about long weekends is that we know about them well in advance, and can make exciting plans for vacations in time. The bad thing about lazy people is that they tend to wait till the last moment to make any such plans. So now that you’ve successfully failed at making travel and hotel bookings for yourself one day before the weekend, here’s a list of 5 things you can do to keep yourself busy over the long weekend.

  1. Finish a TV series.

It might sound like an easy job, but watching all the seasons of any TV show (which has more than 3 seasons, of course) can be quite a challenge. You need a lot of dedication to sit through episode after episode, watching the same characters, without getting bored or tired. And you have to sacrifise A LOT of sleep. So take this up only if you’re strong.


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2. Read the complete ‘Lord Of The Rings’ series.

You thought the LOTR movies were overloaded with information? Try reading the books, because that’s going to be a real challenge. As interesting as they are, you can’t divert your attention from the books for even a single sentence, because you might just miss out on some crucial information!

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3. Cook

You’re probably going to say you don’t know how to cook, or you don’t like cooking. But hey, isn’t that what this weekend can be about? Learning and doing stuff you don’t do everyday! So take a trip to the supermarket, load up your trolley, and prepare yourself for the next Masterchef (episode, of course. You can’t actually get that good at cooking in three days).

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4. Try every article of clothing in your wardrobe.

I’m not kidding, but this can actually turn out to be a lot of fun. You’re going to find such hidden gems in your almirah, after a while you’ll be surprised at yourself. There’s a good chance you might not like a lot of this stuff, but hey, at least you’ll be entertained. Bonus: you’ll realise you’re a hoarder.

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5. Introduce yourself to all your neighbours.

I’m pretty sure you’ve never actually met all the people who live around you because who talks to neighbours anymore). But this can actually turn out to be quite an interesting activity, and you might end up getting a lot of free food also. Win win!

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