If you’ve watched even a single episode of a Shonda Rhimes show, you’d know that every episode is going to be reeking with some very heavy and dramatic monologues. Simple words, put just in the right way, to say the exact things that you’ve been thinking of- that’s Grey’s Anatomy for you. Whether you’re dealing with a relationship crisis, or something at work, or just in life, watch a few episodes of the show, and you’ll definitely end up with some wisdom, if not solutions.

  1. “Cause you never think that the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t.”


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2. “Have some fire. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature.”


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3. “Knowing is better than wondering, waking is better than sleeping, and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beats the hell out of never trying.”


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4. “Pain. It comes in all forms. The small twinge, a bit of soreness, the random pain that we live with every day. Then there is the kind of pain you just can’t ignore, a level of pain so great that it blocks out everything else, makes the rest of your world fade away until all we can think about is how much we hurt. How we manage our pain is up to us. We anaesthetize it, ride it out, embrace it, ignore it. And for some of us, the best way to manage pain is to just push through it.”


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5. “He might be dreamy, but he’s not the sun. You are.”


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If this doesn’t call for a Grey’s Anatomy marathon, I don’t know what will.



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