Everyone knows about it, yet no one talks about it. A monthly ordeal for half of the world’s population, yet the questions surrounding a woman’s periods remain unanswered to the other half of the population. Maybe men feel too awkward to ask these questions, maybe they’re just being ignorant. But the fact is, every time they’re around a woman who is on her period, they’re going to be curious as hell about what’s really going on down there.

To help you understand your girlfriend better, I’m going to answer the most common (and sometimes stupid) questions men have about periods.

  1. How much does it hurt?

If it hurts, it’s going to hurt A LOT. But there are women who only feel slight discomfort, or sometimes none. Hope that your girlfriend happens to be one of those women, because if she’s hurting a lot, you’re going to get hurt. A lot.


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  1. Does it matter what day it is?

It does, and it doesn’t. But none of that should be your concern. You need to shower women with love and attention no matter what day it is.

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  1. How real is PMS?

It’s real bro. It’s very real. The mood swings, the cravings, the overly emotional and overly dramatic reactions are going to happen because hormones are all over the place.

And just btw, it’s PRE-menstrual syndrome, so it’s going to happen before she gets on her period. When the day is here, whatever comes your way is plain simple anguish and has nothing to do with PMS.

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  1. What happens when a woman goes swimming during that time of the month?

One, it’s a really stupid question. And two, no, the water in the pool isn’t going to all turn red. We don’t live in stone age, and there are products which help us keep the mess in check.

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  1. Does it hurt enough to take a leave from work?

YES. Every woman doesn’t suffer through the same amount of pain, but those who do know how terrible it makes you. Not only are we hurting, we’re also feeling nauseous, our appetites die, our muscles hurt, and EVERYTHING SUCKS. So it’s okay if we take a day off from work, we can never ‘get used to the pain’.

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Of course, this is the starter guide. You can always ask me if you need more help!



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