Nothing messes with your brain like a movie that makes you think more than you ever wanted to. If you thought you have watched too much crime drama in life and can absolutely predict what’s going to happen next, these movies will make you realise that you still have a lot to watch! Here are 5 psychological thriller movies that will definitely make you say “What the fuck!”

  1. Coherence

What are parallel realities were possible? How different would you life be? What if you get in a reality you didn’t like? These people find out.


2. Side Effects

There’s a side to every drug, and not a very good side, if I might add. Watch Emily drift through life as a drug prescribed to her by her doctor has unusual side effects, one of which include killing!


3. Now You See Me

Thought robberies can only happen when people are present at the scene of the crime? These 4 people are going to show you otherwise!


4. Shutter Island

Watch two US Marshals uncover the disturbing truth behind an asylum on a remote island as they investigate the disappearance of a patient.


5. Requiem For A Dream


Love, lust, and drugs. The combination of all things lethal and what they can do to you!