Roald Dahl wrote many stories that came to impact the readers of all age groups. All his stories served up a new world for us to live in, full of unique characters we came to adore and grew up with. I for one wanted to live in a world where chocolate flowed in the river, cars could fly and have sweet giants for friends.

Today we celebrate the centennial anniversary of the renowned author and celebrate his work with 5 important lessons we learned from his stories:

  1. Sometimes, dreams do come true:


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Charlie longed for a golden ticket, to visit the chocolate factory and guess what? he got it, and eventually the whole factory. Matilda wanted a new family, one that loved her and she ended up with her loving teacher Miss. Honey. Dahl taught us that a dream doesn’t have to be a big one to come true, for it is our actions that turn it into reality.

2. Appearances can be deceiving:


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Dahl’s stories are based on the judgment of character rather than the appearance. In “The Witches” the witches take on the appearance of normal, attractive women, while underneath they are cruel beings. In “The Big Friendly Giant” the giant is a huge, terrifying being yet nothing like his appearance, for he really is one friendly giant.

3. It’s okay to be different:


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In most of his stories, Dahl’s main characters don’t fit in with the generic crowd. Willy Wonka was a bit off in his demeanor and eccentric man. Matilda loved reading her books while her family was always busy watching TV. These characters were different from other people around them and they embraced their quirks making them one of our favorites.

4. Always be confident in your abilities:


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Mr. Fox in “Fantastic Mr. Fox” always oozed self-confidence, so much so that he reached a point of arrogance, of course, it’s not right to reach that level but Dahl taught us that a little confidence in yourself can make a huge difference and help you turn your dreams into reality.

5. A little bit of mischief doesn’t hurt:


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All of Dahl’s books are intended for children and they capture the one thing that children do best; be cheekily mischevious.

Dahl didn’t just write stories that stuck with us after all this time rather he created a world giving our little hearts something to believe in, something surreal yet not completely unattainable and we call it MAGIC.



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