It’s popularly said that fashion trends repeat themselves every 20 years, and now I believe rightly so. The things that were considered a fashion faux pas in the first decade of the 2000s have now been embraced with utmost excitement. Back with a touch of glam and a few added twists, these fashion trends are being loved by everyone at home and abroad. Here are 5 of the best fashion trends of the 90s that have made a bang on comeback (and thank god they are):

  1. Maroon Lipstick

Remember the days when our grandmothers only applied dark lipstick and we would cringe just at the site of them, wondering why in the world wouldn’t they go for a lighter shade of that red! As evergreen as a cherry red lipstick may be, the dark maroon lipstick has made a loud comeback, and it probably is here to stay for a long, long time.


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2. High Waist 

Gone are the days when low waist was in! High waist lowers are a classy woman’s favourite now. Zippers, button downs, waist bands- the higher it goes, the better it looks! Flaunting that butt like never before.


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3. Polka Dots

For a very long time, polka dots were frowned upon. But the classic 90s print is back and everyone’s loving it! Big, small, colourful- polka dots have become the ultimate print this year. Teamed up with flared pants and pastel shades, they look the absolute best.


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4. Chokers

There’s absolutely nothing I can say about this trend that can justify how amazing chokers look! Paired up with low and deep necklines, they’re giving the attention that necks needed for a long, lone time.


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5. Bell Bottoms

Pencil fit jeans were the in thing for the better part of the last decade, but now theyve been pushed aside by the good old bell bottoms! Combined with the high waist, they’re the ultimate bottoms of 2016.


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What is your favourite trend from the 90s? Tell me in the comments!



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