You know what more fun than getting drunk with your friends? Getting drunk and playing crazy games with your friends, when all of you can barely control your laughter (and balance, in certain cases). Take the fun a notch higher with some crazy drinking games! After all, no one is ever too old for a few games, right?

  1. Pen In A Bottle

This game would particularly be more fun when everyone is tipsy, but not straight out drunk. A combination of balance and precise aiming, I can image it leave everyone rolling on the floor and laughing, literally. Here is actor Alicia Vikander demonstrating the game at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

2. Flip Cup

For those who like racing, this is one kind of race you’d absolutely love. A relay race of sorts, this game can be played between two players, or two teams.

In case you wish to play in two teams of about 4-5 people each, one person finished their drinks and flips the cup, which would be cue for the next player to drink.

3. Kings

Cards and drinks always make a good combination, don’t they? In the game of Kings, every card comes with an instruction, and whatever card a player pulls out, he/she has to follow those instructions. Watch this video for the full set of instructions:

4. Russian Roulette

I know it sounds scary, but I assure you it doesn’t actually involve gun and bullets. An adaption of the concept of Russian Roulette, it involves 1 shot of a drink along with 5 shots of water. Roll the die, and drink what’s in your fate!

5. Fuzzy Duck

The most fun when played drunk, this game involves tongue twisting precision. So when everyone has a hard time saying a complete single sentence without fumbling, Fuzzy Duck would be at it’s best.

All set for the next party? Get your drinks out!



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