If there’s one thing I can say for sure, it is that Pokémon fever is here to stay. People catching Pokémon while driving, while working, while going to the gym, while partying.. Basically all the time. And all the fun that it might be, it can be a little taxing. If there’s someone who knows how annoying it can be when you get stuck at a level in a game, it’s me. So to help you fasten up your game a bit, here are a few Pokémon Go hacks you could use!

1. How to catch Pikachu first

This is for those who haven’t jumped into the ocean of Pokémon Go yet. When you first start the game, you’ll be offered to catch Charmandar, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. But if you walk away from them and keep avoiding them for a bit, you’ll get a chance to catch Pikachu. Best first Pokémon ever!


2. How to gain more XP while catching a Pokémon

While it’s the easiest to fling at a Pokémon when the green circle is the largest, if you’re good at it then fling at it when the circle is the smallest. As the circle is small, it takes more effort to hit the target, which in turn rewards you with more XP, which will help you progress to the next level faster.


3. How to win gym battles

When you see a yellow spark around the opposing Pokémon, it means that it is going to attack. Dodge the attack by moving to either side and attack immediately. Battle = won!


4. How to get more candy

Catch every Pokémon that you can, no matter how many of those you already have, as it’ll help you get more candy. Plus, you can trade them with the Professor for even more candy, and evolve your Pokémon faster!


5. How to find a Pokémon

Always move in the director of green leaves, as it indicates that a Pokémon is nearby. So if you move in that direction, you can make sure it falls in your own pink circle, and hopefully you should be able to catch it!


Go, catch em all!



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